How Every Scared, Unskilled Fighter Can Gain Immediate Fighting Skills


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Breakthrough 3 Part Self-defense Video Series Reveals Why Those Who Were Scared, Unskilled Fighters Now Know They Can Defend Themselves!

Here's just the tip of the iceberg of what you get in The Rapid Fighting Self-Defense Training Program:

  • The easy secrets to gain immediate fighting skills - Today!

  • Bypass spending too much time or money learning how to fight from old school martial arts classes!

  • How to be an assertive protector of yourself and your family – With no experience required!

  • Instantly learn to defend yourself and your loved ones easily and quickly... even if you have felt scared before when threatened!

  • Discover the golden keys to live confident in your ability to fight back against bigger and stronger attackers, robbers and bullies

  • Eliminate stressing about your safety - For Good!

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Defend Against The 3 Most Common Choke Attacks!" Video Program ($47 Value)

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This Bonus Video Program makes it easy to defend against choke attacks which are some of the scariest defense situations.


Quick Start Guides for the Rapid Fighting and Choke Defense Programs ($19 Value)

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These e-quick start guides make it easy to rapidly reference the moves taught in the videos, and have all of the techniques down in black and white for you to understand.


15 Minute Video Critique Certificate ($100 Value)

Rapid Fighting video certificate

This 15 minute video critique certificate makes it easy to get feedback from me to make sure you're doing the moves right, and feel a sense of certainty that you're doing the techniques properly.

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100% Safe, secure and confidential, your information won't be shared with anyone.